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Our financial planning process begins with an engaging collaborative discussion.  We identify what is most important to you and then interpret your financial situation to create a personalized plan tailored to your life and future goals. A financial plan is an active, evolving document not meant for your shelf or saved files, but designed to be used as a tool in daily life. It is our goal at WatersEdge Wealth Management to equip you with a solid financial plan that can help you make good decisions about your life and give you the confidence to maneuver change.


We begin by learning about you, your current situation, and where you see yourself in the future. We gather relevant documentation that provides us with a better picture of where you are now. With good information we can model what-if scenarios, and help you see the impact of decisions. You will have access to your account via a secure log-in where you can connect to your saving as well as track your spending and monitor your budget. You can also run reports that give you a clear picture of investment details and net worth. The Financial Planning tool is a robust, active program that will meet you wherever you are.

Financial Planning 

You can engage us to create a financial plan in one of two ways. If we are managing your investment accounts, the financial plan is part of our total client engagement. There are no additional fees for the plan. We also offer the option to solely work with our firm on your personal Financial Plan. We are then compensated with a flat fee based on the complexity of your situation. If you would like to discover the power of financial planning, we would be happy to walk through this process with you. We encourage you to contact us to learn more.

Emotion Management

Life is not static, and neither is your financial situation. Unexpected events like market corrections and economic challenges can trigger emotional responses to your circumstances. It is important not to react out of emotion, but to take a step back. Part of what we do at WatersEdge is help you stop and pause, providing you the potential to see the moment more clearly.

Life-Decision Management

Life often presents opportunities that can have financial implications for your investments, taxes, or cash-flow. Whether it’s to sell a business, purchase a property, provide a charitable gift, take a new job, or retire early, everything has an impact. When these choices are modeled in a financial plan, they help show the short and long-term implications of your decisions.

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