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Who do you work with at WatersEdge Wealth Management? 
We work with women at all stages of life, with creators, and makers who are excited to create  customized  financial plans that work with their lifestyles, and with any individuals who are curious, open-minded, innovative, and believe in the importance of aligning their values and goals to create well-being and financial freedom.

What is the minimum amount I need to have to work with you?
Investment account sizes may vary. Typically, our clients have a minimum net worth of $500,000.

Net worth is defined as: your assets minus your liabilities. Your “assets” could include: your home, your savings account, your investment accounts, your retirement accounts, any other property you may own, any inheritances realized or expected. Your “liabilities” are your debts (eg., your mortgage, your credit cards, etc.).

If you have additional questions, please contact us directly!

How long have you been in this business? What are your qualifications?
I am an Accredited Investment Fiduciary and I’ve been a financial advisor and consultant since 2003. I also hold an MBA from the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business. And I’ve had experience in the publishing and media industries, too.

I’ve been in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years, and have developed an incredible knowledge base from which to advise and guide my clients. This foundation complements my intuitive sense of how money and markets interact with my clients’ lives. 

Why did you choose to become a financial advisor?

Managing people’s money, their wealth, and their lives is an honor. I help people live better lives, improve well-being, and be more confidence in their decisions. It is my job to make client’s lives better.  

It just frankly doesn’t get better than that.

Today, I am grateful that I get to do what I love with people I care about and respect.

How big is your team?
We are small but mighty! Susan Cevette is our Founder and CEO, and Kathy Korman is our Director of Client Services. We also work with several fractional team members in Administration, Marketing, and Communications.

Why should someone work with WatersEdge Wealth Management? 

We have a vision of a new model of economic freedom where we make conscious financial decisions from a place of knowledge, strength, and confidence. We want to help create a world where we are all actively engaging in and contributing to the things we care about, the communities we live in, and the people we love.

We listen. 

We work to understand you and what you want to accomplish with your life. We help discern and choose the more suitable steps to pursuing your goals. 

Our core values are: 
1. Integrity in what we do and who we are
2. Truthful conversations, transparency, and authenticity
3. We are compassionate, empathetic, and heartfelt
4. Innovation, curiosity; we ask WHY? And we turn things upside down
5. Listen first, talk second
6. Have fun! 

Are you a fiduciary, and what exactly does that mean?
I hold the designation of AIF – Accredited Investment Fiduciary. This means that when I’m making recommendations and suggestions in advisory relationships I am legally required to act in YOUR best interest. At WatersEdge, we put our clients’ needs ahead of our own.

How do I know if we are a good fit?
You want to actively engage in your finances. You want to understand your financial picture. And you want to use your financial picture to make decisions in your life. And you want to have a basic interest and understanding of your investments. You know that your wealth and well-being are key to a fulfilling life and your well-being positively impacts the ones you love, your community, and those you interact with.

Who is Kestra Financial?

We are affiliated with Kestra Financial. Kestra Financial is a leader when it comes to providing third party brokerage services to experienced financial professionals. 

Is there anything WatersEdge Wealth Management can't help me with?
We do not provide legal or accounting services. We collaborate and work with together with your CPAs and attorneys to help you pursue your goals.