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Welcome to the Season of Your Intentions

Welcome to the Season of Your Intentions

September 01, 2022
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“Attention and intention are the most powerful tools of the spiritually adept. They are the triggers for attracting both a certain kind of energy and a certain kind of information.” -Deepak Chopra

We’re turning the corner.

I bet you feel it too, whether you want to believe it or not.

The very first hints of fall are in the air. The leaves are changing and starting to droop a bit. The air feels clean and crisp. There’s the tiniest promise of a chill in the early morning air. The smells change. The views outside the window change. The world’s becoming beautiful in a different way.

September is one of my favorite months. I grew up in Nevada, so experiencing four full seasons wasn’t something I knew about until I moved to the Midwest. Now, after nearly 30 years here, I wouldn’t leave for anything.

Before we start arguing about our favorite months or favorite seasons of the year, let me say: of COURSE all the seasons are wonderful in their own ways. The feeling of a new beginning in spring, the warmth and languidness of summer, the briskness – and opportunity to sleep more – in winter. It’s all incredible.

To me, though, there’s something extra special about early fall. It’s still warm (maybe even too warm if we’re being honest), it still feels like a time to be playful, it still feels like there’s room to wander, room to explore. The days have plenty of light, the nights are wonderfully cool…to me, fall is the best of all worlds.


There’s also a kind of…wariness to fall. Not in a negative way, but in a thoughtful way. We’re on the cusp of winter and, in the Midwest, that means it’s going to get cold and dark. A lot of us are going to hunker down and stay close to home. Many of us won’t be willing to go out and “play” in the same way we do at this time of year.

So really, this time of year is a time to prepare. We’re getting ready to rest. To go inward. To stay quiet. And perhaps to become a bit more contemplative than we have been for the past few months.

What do you think? Is it easier for you to “go inward,” to become more contemplative, during a time of year that almost encourages you to stay indoors more often? It is for me. And I have to admit, I appreciate the “excuse” to do it, too.

It’s challenging, sometimes – giving yourself permission to really go inward. It might feel selfish or self-indulgent. It might feel wasteful – as in, you’re wasting your precious time. Or it might feel lazy, too.

However, think about this – especially if you need “permission” to go inward.

What you think about, you bring about.

I truly believe that we all have the innate power to manifest our dreams and our desires. When we’re truthful with ourselves and who we are, when we give ourselves time to develop and grow, when we allow ourselves time to do the work and “go inward” to spend some time exploring what we really want out of this life, that’s when we are able to create our intentions and share those with the world.

Let me ask you: have you ever really TRIED to manifest your intentions? Have you ever given yourself permission (or a directive) to spend time developing your goals and dreams internally and then making it a practice to release those goals and dreams out into the larger world?

Journalist Jessie Quinn writes about it this way: “When manifesting, you are setting the intention to bring something on your heart into existence. But, manifestation isn’t just about wishing or willing something into existence. It’s about your choices, actions, and your attention, and how you align those with the results you seek — it’s about your energy.”

So, why am I sharing these thoughts when I run a wealth management firm? Well, because I believe your well-being around your wealth has a lot to do with your intentions, your values, your goals, and your dreams.

And why am I sharing these thoughts in a blog in September? Well, because I think this time of year is maybe the BEST time of year to spend some time getting very clear on your intentions for the NEW year.

You’re probably starting to gather your statements and your documents in anticipation of the end of 2022. How are things looking? How do you want them to look NEXT year? How do you want to FEEL next year? What changes do you want to bring to your financial life to elevate your well-being?

September, with its golden light, bright blue skies, changing leaves, and crisp air, offers you a chance to spend time and energy consciously considering what you want. This is a gift to you. Take it. Use this month wisely and start to elevate your well-being by practicing developing and setting your intentions for a healthy, happy, financially well life.